Bespoke Software Development

Infused Vision provides bespoke software development. Our software development strengths lie in customising software to meet your business needs. These services include enhancing existing software and bespoke software integration development.

Enhancing your existing software involves extending the functionality of your existing system by plugging in or 'embedding' a specifically developed software program to enable it to fulfil your new requirements.

Our bespoke software integration service involves taking two disparate systems and joining them together to work in the way you require. Custom-built systems such as the ones provided by Infused Vision enable you to advance software to your requirements; this can be far more cost effective than replacing systems with off the shelf software that may not fully meet your needs.

Our Services

Integration of Disparate Systems

We are frequently asked to join two or more systems together in order to share/mine data or create new functionality. Although it is common for companies to consolidate systems, it is often time-consuming and costly therefore, …

Embedded Software Development

Our embedded software development services are perfect for enhancing existing applications and software. Put simply, we take a current piece of software and develop an additional application; effectively we then plug this into a …